Our human capital is what

Yodik Madar

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Yodik is an entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in management and leadership.

He has worked with various government organizations in past few years where he took on various projects. In his last position before joining Essenza he managed over 170 employees. In 2008 he established a volunteering organization meant to help struggling families.

In 2016 Yodik entered the world of medical cannabis by running a farm. This led him in deciding to establish a medical cannabis company to better help those in need around the world.


Nir Shmuel


Nir is a certified public accountant in Israel and holds a B.A from Ben Gurion University.

Nir served as CEO and CFO at private and publicly listed Real-Estate and Agricultural companies over the past 15 years.

During his extensive career Nir has led a variety of complex projects with budgets totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. He is also part of a pioneering group of individuals that are constructing luxury residential apartment buildings across Israel which are then sold to high end clients.

In 2014 Nir became the head of Citrus Aroma Ltd, Asia Group Agricultural branch.


Elazar Kaykov

VP Sales & Co-Founder

Elazar is a certified real estate broker in Israel. He was awarded his license in 2015 from the Realtors Registrar.

During his time as a real estate broker Elazar’s main focus was on commercial properties. This focus earned him extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of commercial customers in Israel and the rest of the world. Over the years Elazar has been involved in numerous deals which have surpassed a total of $15 million.

Elazar has developed a passion for the medical cannabis field and it’s potential to help and heal and has decide to devote all his time to this.


Harel Ravins

VP Operations & Co-Founder

Harel has vast knowledge and experience in field of agriculture.

Together with his family they own over 100,000 square meters of agricultural lands. The main crops being produced on these lands are an assortment of different fruits and vegetables. In 2014 Harel was appointed as project manager of a company that setup and produced date farms. During his time there he successfully setup over 600,000 square meters of land.

In 2016 he made a switch and began working with cannabis farms. There he gained extensive knowledge and experience with the entire process from growing all the way to packaging and delivering the final products.

The time he spent on the cannabis farms ignited a spark inside him and from that point he knew he wanted to delve deeper in to the world of medical cannabis.


Shai Mimouni

Executive Chairman

Shai is a holding an L.L.B, Bachelor of Laws from the Ono Academic College in Israel.

From 2004 until now Shai has been involved in a large number of real estate projects in Israel and worldwide. Over the years he has been involved with numerous construction projects including malls, hotels, luxury residential apartments and more. Shai has gained vast amounts of knowledge and experience making him a certified expert in his field.

Today he serves as the CEO of Asia Hedera Israel a company which deals in real estate. Shai heads new construction projects of more than 86,000 square meters for both residential and commercial buildings.

Shai is extremely enthusiastic about entering the world of medical cannabis. He predicts this field will have an interesting and challenging future in the years to come and he is up for the challenge.


Eyal Arieli

Chief Commercial Officer

Eyal holds an M.B.A from Bar–Ilan university and B.A in economics from Jerusalem university.

He is an experienced CEO with a long history of working in the pharma industry within a multi-cultural environment. Eyal has vast experience in managing and growing local and global organizations, integrating newly acquired companies and creating and managing alliances.

Coming from the pharma industry he is very eager to bring his knowledge and experience to the exciting and growing field of medical cannabis.


Eleni Papadopoulou

General Manager Greece

Eleni Papadopoulou is our local partner in Greece. She is a strong business woman who has developed her expertise in various fields over many years.

She started her career at the age of 22 where she established a Governmental Tourist Agency, acquiring the delegation of Disney World for Greece. After that she went on to establish an advertising agency. She was also VP of Greece’s tourist agencies and was later elected as a city councillor of Athens all while studying European Civilizations for 5 years. Finally, she was appointed General Honorary Consul of Costa Rica in Greece.

Despite her busy career, she never neglected philanthropy and always prioritized helping those in need in any way possible. Her motto is ‘anything can be accomplished with belief and lots of hard work’.


Ran Baruch

Board Member

Ran holds an M.B.A with a major in finance and a B.A in business administration.

Currently he serves as the director of sales and marketing at Asia Group, a luxury real estate company. During his time there, Ran oversaw the sales and marketing departments. His first position was managing and leading the sale of 122 plots of land which were already approved for construction of luxury beach front properties and neighbourhoods. They were so successful the they managed to sell all the properties after only one year.

Following the success of the last project he went on to lead the sale of 261 luxurious beach front properties with the same results.

Prior to joining Asia Group Ran worked as a day trader for a niche investing firm for two years.

Ran has developed a great interest in the world of medical cannabis and is very excited for what the future holds for Essenza in this fast-paced industry.


Liron Markus


Liron is a certified public accountant in Israel and holds a B.A from The College of Management Academic studies (The COLLMAN).

Liron served as an accountant at Deloitte, an international accounting firm. The position included, among other things: coordinating customer files for private companies as well as publicly traded companies on the Tel Aviv Stock exchange, leading the audit process and assisting in the preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements according to IFRS and in accordance with the Securities Authority regulations and accompanying American companies in the process of issuing a shelf prospectus and raising capital and debt in Israel.

Throughout his career, Liron was an integral part of various complex projects with budgets ranging in the hundreds of millions of dollars to build luxury residential apartments in Israel and successfully delivering these apartments to high end clients.

As of 2015 Liron serves as controller and CFO for private and publicly listed Real-Estate and Agricultural companies.