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Based on our experience and daily interaction with tile in general, we have compiled an answer to the most Frequently Asked Questions received.

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Porcelain tile, differs from ceramic tile in its manufacture, absorption and breaking strength. These inherent differences in the manufacturing processes and the quality of the raw materials make porcelain tile a superior product in terms of value, durability, color and design.

Essenza Porcelain tile is produce using high quality raw materials, which mainly consist of feldspar. This makes the fired body white, allowing clear, brilliant colors and through body constructiorl, meaning the color goes all the way through the tile rather than a surface glaze application.

Because porcelain is pressed under higher pressure than other tiles, it is denser than ceramic tile. It is also fired at a temperature above 1200° C, while ceramic tile would be fired less than 1150° C, providing a much lower rate of absorption. The international standard for porcelain tile states that for tile to qualify as Porcelain, jt must have water absorption of 0.5% or less, while Essenza porcelain tile has a water absorption level of

0.1 % or less, a significant different compared to a ceramic tile products which water absorption usually at 3% or higher.

Porcelain tile, as with natural stones (marbe, granite) typically varies in color to some degree. Some porcelain tile offerings intentionally give you a wide range of color variation to resemble the natural feels. Others are intended to give more of a monochromatic (solid) look. Make sure you see enough pieces of the tile to represent the full range of color prior to making your selection. Because of the nature of its raw materials, Porcelain tile does vary from each manufactured run, as well as within the same manufactured run. The manufacturer that wants to offer a limited range of color will sort the manufactured runs shade lots (this is what some refer to as "dye lot" with other types of materials).

Technically speaking, the thicker the tile, the greater the breaking strength is. In general an 8 mm. thick porcelain tile is very strong and durable, and it's suitable for most residential and commercial applications.
We recommend that you increase the intended amount required by 10 -15% to allow for waste from laying and this will ensure that you will get the matching shade lot for future minor repair.

Essenza products are sold in a packaging that varies in coverage area from size to size (i.e 40 x 40cm. - approx. 0.96sqm, 60 x 60cm - approx 1.06sqm)
Essenza porcelain tile are sold through your local tile store and/or distributors (see our network of distribution).
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