Forward looking competence, and confidance, the traits of Market Leader

Essenza is the distinctive leading brand of porcelain from Intikeramik. The company was founded in 1991, followed by the commencement of commercial production in 1993. Ever since its establishment, Essenza employed bold and innovative policy as the base of its production philosophy which supported by modern technology. The company maintains its position as the market leader in domestic market and the trusted supplier in five continents. Essenza gained those excellent achievements within mere five years since its first commercial production period by preserving the bold and innovative characteristic that the company possesses.


Essenza is fully dedicated to develop more innovations and variations of porcelain tiles. The products are manufactured through strong research and fully supervised process, supported by a worldwide distribution network. Quality and satisfaction are the company's strengths, as it has committed itself to the global market.


To produce and supply porcelain tiles of superior quality, with complete understanding to the high and ever-changing demands of the growing worldwide costumers.

Factory Profile

Intikeramik’s busy production lines are located in Tangerang, West Java, only 30 kilometers by express way from the capital city of Jakarta. The company has production facilities more than a dozen times larger than its nearest rival and the benefits of several more years of experience – a distinct advantage given the complexity of porcelain manufacture. Two sites totaling 182.500 square meters are filled with equipment supplied by leading European tile machinery and engineering experts. R and D specialist for colors,

Patterns and motifs are regular visitors to Intikeramik; the same specialist that supplies Italy’s largest and most avant-garde tile procedures.

In addition to importing world class expertise the company has applied its own technical know how very successfully in new process enhancements which generate consistent quality and better productivity. Today it is one of only a few manufactures worldwide capable of producing tiles measuring 60 x 60 centimeters. To Underline its competitive position Intikeramik is capitalizing on its competitive position Intikeramik has achieved accreditation under ISO9002

To sustain the production facilities at optimum capacity and quality requires rigorous maintenance and secure source of power. Electricity supplies from the main grid can be augmented or substituted by the company’s own generators at the touch of a switch. Indonesia is the world’s largest supplier of natural gas and Intikeramik is capitalizing on this comparative advantage by using gas fired kilns.
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